A Newbie’s Perspective

November 15, 2016 R0uGhTum3le

The story leading up to my career at BCF is one that is a bit hard to follow.

In the past six years, I’ve lived in three different cities, under five different roofs, while obtaining thirteen different jobs (that’s 21 different bosses). I would say that the only constant thing was the color of my hair, but even that changed twice. In other words, “change” was, for a while, something that was not foreign at all.

Fast-forward to today, seven months into my career at BCF, and things are different once again; yet this time, on a regular basis. While I drive to the same office, work with the same team and sit at the same desk every morning, no two days are the same in this agency. Perhaps, one of the most enjoyable things about working here is the harmony between the constant and unfamiliar. I work with storytellers, designers, developers and directors, each share the same common love for the industry and have their own unique story. I work with people who apply the same ambition to their work as they do their personal endeavors. I work with characters.

So, when I heard that BCF was awarded, once again, as one of Outside magazine’s “100 Best Places to Work,” I can’t say that I was entirely surprised. The people, clients and culture that make up this agency are what many others strive to obtain. If there is anyone who has worked in various industries, it’s me, and I can confirm that with an open mind, you can almost always have at least one “great” day at work. The interesting thing, or “remarkable” one might say, is that BCF is able to provide these days on a consistent basis. It’s this consistency that has allowed me to love where I work and take pride in the clients we work with.