Virginia Tourism Corporation


“Virginia Is For Lovers” is one of the most recognized tourism brands in the United States. Created in 1969, the brand has been a durable slogan for a diverse and ever-changing destination. But, while millions of consumers have immediate top-of-mind awareness of the brand slogan, historically the state has trailed its competitive set in terms of where consumers most desire to vacation.

It was clear that in order to grow overnight visitation in Virginia and maximize tax revenue we needed to build a familiarity with the emotionally relevant experiences found within the state; creating a compelling perception of Virginia in the minds of prospective travelers.


BCF has always endeavored to demonstrate to consumers what Love truly meant. This core human emotion is the heart of every Virginia vacation. But as generations have shifted and consumers evolved, “Love” has come to mean something different to different and diverse audiences.

What makes Love so compelling is the underlying emotional foundation of the brand – the feelings visitors have which drive their behavior.

Connection which is what brings us together across the state. Nostalgia; reigniting in Virginia consumers’ passion for the places, and traditions of travel. The Discovery of new experiences that are a departure from our everyday lives. And Joy, the passion and contentment of embracing what you love.



  • In 2012 was named the top consumer website through the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International Adrian Awards.
  • In a single year Virginia rose from #8 to #6 in desire to visit within its competitive set.
  • Consumer testing indicated that the LOVE campaign garnered the highest level of interest in all creative executions ever tested by Virginia Tourism Corporation.