Limelight Hotel


The Limelight Lodge opened in the 1950s, but nothing except the name remained after a new 126-room hotel was built in 2008. Now widely recognized as an exceptional four-star property, the Lodge implemented a pricing strategy to reflect this rating. But a combination of factors – including a lack of services often associated with four-star properties – meant that the Limelight Lodge was falling short on occupancy, room rate and RevPar.

The Limelight Lodge needed to set aside the shadow of the former lodge and establish a brand perception with consumers that could drive demand and realize a full-service rate – despite being a limited service hotel.


Visitors to Aspen can have the reputation of being very ostentatious and extremely high maintenance. The expectation is that a four or five-star property must provide a particular set of amenities – a full spa, a doorman, valet parking, turn-down service, etc. But the reality is that the quality of experience is far more valuable. Instead of competing with an outdated idea of luxury, the insight was to break the tension and redefine what a four-star hotel could be.


A visit to the newly renamed the Limelight Hotel is sophisticated, adventurous, enlightening and – most of all – fun. A new brand position was developed that spoke to guests’ need to Lighten Up – to relax, and simply have an amazing experience.


Q1/ Q2

year after year performance for 2012 increased acoss the board